Effectual Inc. - Hoboken NJ
Proposed Paint Scheme
The Flower
Stained Glass Dome including branding and Rubin415 mural.
Cleaned before furniture
Furniture, sconces and hanging lights installed
The external metal work casts a beautiful shadow
Completed space - before new shade installation
Completed workspace - before new shade installation
Vintage conference room tables and Herman Miller chairs
Carpet pattern continues into the workspace
Looking into the circular room from the main work area
Circular Room Carpet Installed
Circular room carpet pattern
Waiting area
Conference room with branding
Circular room "E"
Hanging banners as seen from the street
Hanging banner as seen from the workspace
Rubin415 painting mural
Rubin415 completing mural
Effectual Inc Mural
Effectual Inc Mural and artist Rubin415
Circular room modular furniture design and color selection
The Circular Room
Modular furniture installation
Adding color to the space inspired by the stained glass dome
More color
Circular room looking towards workspace
Branded gear
Dome and Walls Painted
Painting the Circular Room
Painting the Metal Armature of the Dome
Developing the carpet pattern
Light and Color
Chosen Paint Scheme
Main workspace area painted
Main conference room painted
Window with existing pull shade
Wall with existing sconce
Existing external Hanging Banners
Original Paint - Stairwell
Original Carpet
Original sconces
Original Paint Scheme - Circular Room
Original Paint Scheme - Walls
Existing Wood Floor
Original Paint Scheme - Moulding
Original Paint Scheme - Stained Glass Dome
12 Hudson Place, Hoboken, NJ
During our initial walkthrough it was impossible to not focus on the stained glass dome in the central, circular room. Sadly the current paint combination hid the features of what was obviously a flower. As we made our way to the main office space it was obvious that the green, yellow and burgundy scheme was everywhere.

As a reaction to the offensive design,  I envisioned the walls painted a traditional white on white, allowing the detail of the wood moulding to be featured. A high gloss finish on the moulding catches the light and creates dramatic shadows, and the moulding throughout the space is dramatic.

For the stand / sit desks, I capped the ends with wood, stained to match the wainscoting so that when you looked through the space from north to south you focused on the floor to ceiling windows and not the workstations. We replaced all the sconces with a more simple design and added hanging warehouse style lighting.

After meeting with my carpet vendor we decided on a recent design from Shaw that allowed color to fade when placed in specific patterns. I chose each tile and laid out the entire floor for the installer to achieve our desired look. This concept was extremely important for the circular room since the furniture in that area would feature colors picked up from details throughout the space.

The final project was branding and merchandise. There were two existing banners on the front of the building and fireplaces in each conference room giving us a perfect platform for the full name. In the circular room we wanted to include a mural and the logo icon, “E.” For the mural, I contacted local artist Rubin415. Rubin415’s work combines graffiti, public art, and graphic design. His work is impressive and he was extremely respectful to not overshadow the  dome. With their first event coming up soon after launch I contacted my merchant vendor and produced hats, and shirts.

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