Pat. James Longo
I began my career as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator working on projects promoting brand through advertising.
My passion quickly became branding and how it ties all aspects of a company’s identity together. I have worked on the identity, marketing, merchandising, and interior design to produce cohesive and consistent messaging for both internal and external projects.
During the dot com boom I joined a small start-up as one-third of the marketing team. Being part of a small team meant that every member required a varied skill set. You were responsible for developing solutions, gathering the resources, and the successful execution and completion of projects. Responsibilities seemed endless but the rewards of our efforts were undeniable as the company grew into a global managed service provider.
As art director and a member of the marketing team I designed the company’s logo along with the CEO and CMO, built the brand, and created marketing strategies that organically grew the company. I led teams coordinating events, designing booths, creating and distributing branded promotional items, and marketing materials. I have worked directly with the C-level and sales team to create company brochures, collateral, powerpoint presentations, business cards, and style guides.
Understanding that the client always comes first, and recognizing that everything is your brand, and brand is everything, I combined brand management with facilities providing a company-wide, brand-aware environment and physical experience. These spaces were designed to increase workflow, and maximize square footage which increased productivity and lowered spend.
Furthering my goals as a brand project manager I have worked for brand and signage fabrication organizations to better understand the end product of brand solutions. Understanding what is possible, the materials available, and most importantly at what cost, better helps to see solutions to completion that best represent and fulfill the client need.