Pat. James Longo
I began my career as a freelance designer and illustrator. During the boom I joined a small start-up as one-third of the marketing team. Responsibilities seemed endless but the rewards of our efforts were undeniable as the company grew into a global managed service provider. 
Once established as a trusted partner and brand we developed offers, and directed our marketing at the enterprise. The resulting success of these campaigns, increased the need for global redundant services, and expanded of our real estate portfolio. My focus shifted to office environments and client access areas of the data centers. Understanding that the client is always first, and recognizing that everything is your brand, and brand is everything, I combined facilities management with brand management providing a company-wide, brand-aware physical experience.
Being part of a small team meant that every member required a varied skill set. You were responsible for developing solutions, gathering the resources, and the successful execution and completion of projects. My portfolio consists of facilities management, project management and coordination, interior design, vendor relations, brand identity and management, marketing, art direction, graphic design, illustration, writing, and content creation. As a member of the marketing team I designed the company’s logo along with the CEO and CMO, built the brand, and created marketing strategies that grew the company from a start-up to global corporation. I led teams coordinating events, designing booths, and creating and distributing branded promotional items and marketing materials. I have worked directly with the sales team to create company brochures, collateral, powerpoint presentations, business cards and style guides.
I managed twenty-one facilities in the United States, Europe and Asia supported by key C-level decision-makers, board members, team leaders, support staff, a local point of contact, building management, building engineers, maintenance staff, trusted vendors, and contractors. Working with architects, I designed and built out office environments focused on brand, work-flow, and maximizing footprint while retaining a pleasant work space. All renovations and construction were budget conscious, completed in phases to alleviate disruption to team members, and mindful of environmental impact. Projects followed LEED certification guidelines, ensuring all of our spaces, leased or otherwise, were compliant. Using our own business model as setting the standard in quality, trust and reliability, I chose vendors and developed long term relationships based on service levels, KPIs, and cost analysis. Successful operation and maintenance of these office spaces and non team member access areas included core site functionality, amenities ensuring the comfort of team members, board members, visitors and clients.