Pat. James Longo
Jersey City, New Jersey

Senior Brand, Facilities and Marketing Director

Experience reflects the development, growth and management of brand identity from start-up to global corporation through multiple concentrations including marketing, design, content creation, production and maintenance.
With strategic vision and proven capabilities created / developed / maintained internal and external marketing and branding initiatives aligned with company goals across multiple markets and industries.
Extensive experience developing and maintaining brand identity, awareness and consistency across a global portfolio.

Core Competencies:
Brand Management • Brand Strategy • Facilities Management • Art Direction • Office Design • Creative Direction • Content Creation • Project Management •  Vendor Relationship Management

Illustrator • Photoshop • InDesign • Adobe Creative Cloud • Excel • PowerPoint • Illustration • Graphic Design • Office Layout and Design

Rackspace formerly Datapipe - 2002 - 2019
• East Coast Regional Facilities Manager - 2018 - 2019
• Director of Brand and Facilities Management 2010 - 2018
Art Director - 2005 - 2010
Marketing and Webmaster - 2002 - 2005

• Successfully built, maintained and managed brand and brand integrity. Developed strategic global marketing initiatives driven by sales and client need through multi-platform advertising, strategic brand focused logo, events, marketing collateral, and graphic and interior design.

• Acted as single point of contact to efficiently and effectively deliver workplace services for twelve locations in the United States and Asia.

Brand Management:
• Maintained brand identity, integrity, and awareness.
• Established brand architecture and guidelines for public and internal facing material.
• Company logo and brand identity creation alongside CEO and CMO.
• Led rebranding of all acquired offices and facilities for United States, Europe and Asia including Rackspace acquisition of Datapipe.
• Created and maintained brand for new and existing products including logos, print, and web content, and marketing collateral.
• Led design and production of all internal and external signage.
• Raised brand awareness through the design, production, and distribution of all branded promotional items, for internal and external use, including apparel, and giveaways.
• Promoted brand through search engine optimization (SEO), web design, site updates, and maintenance.

Facilities Management:
• Designed and maintained brand aware environments for office interiors and data centers focused on brand consciousness and corporate values.
• Led and managed renovation projects and build-outs that increased workflow and maximized office footprint.
• Reduced square footage cost per team member, eliminating need to expand real estate portfolio.
• Implementation of office layout and design concepts allowed for greater interdepartmental communication capabilities, increased conference and collaboration spaces reducing travel and need for external meeting spaces.

Art Direction:
• As a key member of the creative team, including the CEO and CMO, produced all print, web, and outdoor advertising, marketing collateral, event displays, booths, stationary, business cards and id badges.
• Created and maintained brand for new and existing products including logos, print and web content, and marketing collateral.

Video and Phone Messaging:
• Conceptualized, created content, and acted as art director and producer for all promotional and internal videos and phone messaging.

Content Creation:
Created company positioning statement, related site and blog content, marketing collateral, case studies, sales presentation decks, battle cards, and press releases.

Vendor Relations:
Cultivated and maintained vendor relationships including contract negotiations, invoicing, and budgeting.

Branding / Design / Illustration / Art Director / Marketing / Writer

Work for major and independent companies across several industries including entertainment, publishing, computer / IT, mass media, and service.   

Successfully developed and launched brands, designed logos, created and developed advertising, produced illustrations and built and maintained websites for commercial purposes. Created content for promotions, collateral, and advertising (both print and online). Designed, and oversaw build-out of commercial spaces.

Current Clients:
Effectual Inc. • Slovenly Records • Prime Numbers LLC • Crane Ridge Partners • Black Gladiator Records • Beninghove’s Hangmen • Hoboken & Sons • iSites Digital Media • WFMU

Certification in Illustration  and Graphics
Montclair State University
B.F.A. in Graphic Design and Illustration

Newark School of Fine Arts
Certification in Illustration  and Graphics\

• One of a three-member team, consisting of the CEO and CMO, that marketed and branded a start-up to global Managed Service Provider. Developing a lexicon for a relatively new industry, creating content and advertisements that built consumer trust and confidence in a fast paced and growing field that changed the way companies do business.

• Designed, branded, and maintained twenty-one office environments and client access areas within data center facilities across three continents. Increased productivity, enhanced work-flow, and greater communication capabilities were at the core of each design which featured corporate branding, messaging and consistent experience.

• Designed, produced, maintained inventory quantities and distributed all branded gear and promotional items across global locations, for internal and external use including events, sponsorships and trade shows.
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